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Rich’s Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Service in New Jersey

Rich’s Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, is a NJ licensed; family owned and operated company who has serviced cities like Edison, Somerset, Woodbridge, Newark, East Brunswick for more than 25 years. Our Plumbers in New Jersey offer the best rates to our customers as well as offer a 24-hour,7-day a week service schedule for all emergency services. All our trucks are Fully Equipped to provide the quickest service and response time possible.From Heating & Air Conditioning Installations to Sewer Jetting we can service your every need with our fast 60 minute response time. Our reputation for fast and reliable service was earned by our hard work and dedication…

When it comes to your complete heating and air conditioning needs, Rich’s Plumbing offers a complete line of services for all of New Jersey. For years, New Jersey residents have relied upon Rich’s Plumbing to provide them with the best in the following services;

For over twenty five years, Rich has built a solid reputation as most trusted plumbers in NJ. At Rich’s Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. we know that having the right people on the job is just as important as choosing the best equipment. Our trained professional plumbers in Woodridge will provide you with top quality equipment, skilled installation and an expert analysis of your comfort needs. Our recommendations will fit your budget and lifestyle needs. By being trustworthy & reliable, we believe that they will enjoy a long term profitable business that serves the community.

You can trust the professionals at Rich’s Plumbing to provide you with top flight service that is second to none. However, the repair services offered by our company are just part of how we help those in New Jersey with their heating, air conditioning and plumbing needs thanks to the preventative care that is offered by Rich’s Plumbing.


Heating Services New Jersey While most people do not think of the summer months as the time to have their heater inspected, having such a service provided by Rich’s Plumbing can actually save you money in the long run. After you shut your heater off in the late spring or early months of summer, there are issues with worn parts, collected dust, dirt and debris along with other problems that can creep up during the time the unit is off.

By having the proper maintenance service, the professionals at Rich’s Plumbing can ensure that your heater is ready to go for the winter months and replace the parts that may be wearing out. This simple maintenance procedure can save you a considerable amount of money and time in the dead of winter if your heater should go out.


Air Conditioning New Jersey Your HVAC unit has moving parts which will wear down over time. Quite often, air conditioners break down during the hottest days of the summer because the worn parts are stressed to the point where they give out. By having your air conditioner inspected and maintained during the early months of spring or whenever it has gone for an extended period of time without any maintenance may save you considerably on repair bills.

A typical maintenance of your air conditioner consists of checking for worn parts and belts that might fray and give out during the hottest days of summer. A little prevention may save you a considerable amount of frustration in the summer.


Plumbing New Jersey Here, our plumbing in Woodbridge NJ maintenance services will check your drains to ensure that they are clean. Most clogs take place because of build-up of hair, dirt, debris, grease and oil that sticks to the walls of the drain which creates the conditions for a larger object to get stuck. By having your drains cleared on a regular basis, you can greatly reduce the chances of clogging. Plus, the inspection can detect signs that your drain pipe might be becoming compromised or if cracks should develop.


Water Heater Repair New Jersey If your water heater is compromised and begins to leak, it can cost you more than just a higher water bill. The water that escapes not only directly affects the inner walls and structure of your home, it also becomes a breeding ground for mold which if left unchecked may cause considerable damage and even compromise your health as well.

Our inspection and maintenance service goes over your water heater to ensure that it is still intact. Plus, any worn parts are replaced and the seals re-checked so that it is not leaking water. You can also get some helpful advice on how to reduce your water bill and when to change out your water heater to save even more money.


Why Choose Rich’s Plumbing?

There are a number of reasons why you should choose our services when it comes to your heating, air conditioning and plumbing needs. For New Jersey businesses and residents who are looking for the best qualified company to serve them in these areas, we are considered one of the best.


License, Professional Service All of our staff that works on HVAC and plumbing is properly licensed and certified which means that you only have a qualified professional that comes to your home or office. Rich’s Plumbing is also licensed by the state and follows all the rules and regulations to ensure the highest quality service.


Bonded & Insured This means that if anything should happen to you or your property that is related to our work, the insurance will cover the cost. This separates our company from those that have no insurance where you might be stuck with the bill. Instead, our professionals are covered so that you don’t have to worry in case an accident should occur.


Experience The years of service that has been accumulated by the trained professionals at Rich’s Plumbing means that when they arrive at your home or office, they will know how to proceed so the job gets done in a quick, complete manner. Fast service is not the best service unless it is combined with the right personnel and equipment to ensure that the job is done right the first time.


Low Price We pride ourselves on delivering the best in customer services which starts with our low, competitive prices. We believe in working with our customers to ensure that you get the best installation, maintenance and repair of your heating, air conditioning or plumbing. This is just one reason why more people are calling Rich’s Plumbing to tend to their HVAC and plumbing needs.

If you are in New Jersey and are in need of HVAC or plumbing services, then call the friendly, courteous staff at Rich’s Plumbing. They will explain the services being offered and answer all of your questions. For the best New Jersey heating, air conditioning and plumbing services, Rich’s Plumbing is here for you.


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Our radio dispatched trucks respond faster throughout New Jersey

It’s not just our speed.. Rich’s Plumbing is one of the most well-known NJ plumbing companies for a reason:

Comprehensive Service: Whether an emergency leak repair or a large-scale commercial project, our plumbers in Woodbridge, NJ can handle all aspects of plumbing, heating and cooling



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Local Customer Testimonials

Repaired holes in pipes

I called a lot of plumbing companies Saturday night they were the only plumber out of 6 that returned our phone call and they had my water main repaired by Sunday morning. I think they did a great job !
On a Saturday night they were the only plumber

Heating System

I must say I'm impressed what a great job done by this company my heat was broken and they were as quick as i called them. It doesn't get better than that! I will pass your name along. Thanks again. Theresa, new jersey
I must say I'm impressed what a great job

Air Conditioning service

Thanks Rich's! Your teach Jimmy was great. The office staff was very helpful, and the problem was solved so quickly, They gave me a window of time between 10:00 and 11:00 AM they didn't show till 11:45 but overall I'm giving them 5 star for work done and 3.5 star for punctuality. Frank. D  Elizabeth, NJ.
thanks rich's! Your teach Jimmy was great.

Water heater replacement

We had a leak on our water heater on the week end. I've called other companies and no response. Rich's Plumbing came out in less than an hour and were very eager to help me out. They were neat and respectful. Thank You!
We had a leak on our water heater on the week end.
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